Trading Rules

1) Always follow entry and exit levels. 
2) Never enter into middle of the trade level.
3) Always use Stoploss and be quick to grab profits.
4) Don't look for only sell or only buy. Trade both sides.
5) Don't buy or sell just because the price is near low or high.
6) Never hedge a losing position. 
7) Don't trade if you face losses continuously.
8) Don't follow advise of multiple people. 
9) Never disclose your holding positions with multiple advisers.
10) Enter only if you are sure about the trend.
11) Controlling greediness is the key to success.
12) Don't watch market whole day.
13) Avoid taking small profits and big losses.
14) Don't depend on MCX for livelihood.
15) Always trade with discipline.
16) Don't need to trade every session and everyday. Trade only on sure trades. 
17) Always trade in equal lot size.
18) Experience always matters. Trade with your own instinct.
19) Don't blame others for your failures. Trade wisely.
20) Trade Less-Earn more.